[Story] Isandri’s Diary

Dear  Diary,

I can’t believe he’s really here! It seemed  like I’d be waiting forever, but around lunchtime things started to happen, and I sent Thero to fetch the healer right away. I had no idea how fast or slow it would take, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him run so fast! The healer was very calm though, she had her little leather bag and she made Thero get a lot of towels and water. He asked like a hundred questions and he was all fidgety and honestly he was starting to make me nervous a little, so the healer sent him out to do different jobs. I think most of them were just to keep him busy. I told Kestrae that I’d tell her how bad it was, and it was pretty bad but the healer also gave me some herbs that were supposed to help. And I think it was definitely worth it. It took almost all day, he didn’t decide to come out until late into the evening; but the healer kept checking on me regularly and said everything was going okay. I’m relieved about that, I know there are so many things that can go wrong. I’ve only been present for a few births myself, but it can be quite dangerous. I think the healer was impressed that I knew so much about it, at least from books. I explained to her that I was in training to be a healer myself, though I don’t know if I’ll concentrate on babies. Though maybe I would. It’s certainly amazing!

Kestrae and Raleth came by once they heard, I think mostly to help keep Thero calm. I could hear him talking to them outside, but not what he was saying. It’s kind of funny that he was so nervous because he’s not the one who has to do anything! He kept saying he’d seen dragonhawks come out of the egg, like that’s anything at all the same. He’s silly sometimes. Once it started for real, it was all over pretty fast, I’m grateful for that. I was already tired and hungry but I wasn’t allowed to eat anything until it was over. The healer checked him over and washed him off and then put him in a blanket so I could hold him. Oh, it’s a boy! I guess they were right about that. I would have liked either but I am really glad that it’s a boy so there can be another Whitemorn. Thero was already talking about teaching him how to shoot a bow, and letting him ride on Arelanis. I don’t think that’s very safe!

Thero thinks he looks more like me, but I don’t know, I think he just looks like a cute baby. It’s difficult to tell when he’s so little. He has blond hair, it’s just little wisps like bits of sunlight. His little fingers are the cutest thing, I didn’t want to set him down. Thero built the crib but I couldn’t stand the idea of him being alone all night, he’s not used to being out in the world yet and I think he’d be cold. I was so tired that I fell asleep right then anyway while Thero was reading him a story. Oh, I wanted to call him Theronil too, but Thero wouldn’t have any of that. But we decided on Iannor, I think that’s nice. I hope Kestrae has a baby soon so they can all play together like we planned, but I don’t know. It would be better if she was still with Sath, that way they’d be cousins. I can’t wait to show him to Lali, and I’m sure she’ll be able to help me if I have any questions. And Naraleth will have someone to play with now! I’ll also have to write to Hethurin and let him know, I’m sure he will want to meet him. And Sath too, but I’m not bringing a baby out to a house that’s not even finished yet. Hopefully they’ll be done soon. I’m sure he’ll be excited about being an uncle.

Being a mother doesn’t feel too different yet, but I’m sure it will soon. Thero is so cute when he holds him. He’s a natural.

~ Isandri



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