[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Tik and I have been working hard to get the ballroom ready in time. First of all, the furniture had to be moved out and stored somewhere, right now it’s in some of the locked rooms. I figure Hethurin might be mad that we went into them, but I figure ghosts won’t care too much and besides, it’s not like we had anywhere else to put it. Although, Lani might want some of the things to put into her house, I’ll have to ask her once I get the chance. She’s been busy with setting up her house, and also looking after Nessna and Rylad. Hethurin’s father is still here too, and she’s talking with him a lot. So it might be a while.

Anyway, once everything was cleared out we had to get rid of all the dust and cobwebs, I don’t think that room had even been touched since the old owners left — maybe even before that. That took quite a while, and then Tik thought that it needed new draperies so I had to go into town for that. I don’t really know if he’s too interested in decorating stuff as a general rule, but he seems to like all my ideas to make the ballroom look fancy. Mostly I just ask him where I can buy certain things, like he said he knew somewhere he could get all of the little trees — and the one big tree. So I’m leaving that up to him, while I take care of buying all the rest of the stuff. I took some money out of the one drawer for that, I guess it doesn’t really count as it’s not for me. But I wonder if Hethurin will notice anyway. There’s a booth in the market that sells a lot of stuff just for Winter Veil, I got these little glass things to hang and also ropes that sparkle to make everything look pretty. I bought boxes and boxes of candles to put everywhere, and also some new holders, I think that will make everything look warm and festive. There were also some banners and stuff to wrap around pillars and hang, things like that. I could actually have spent a lot more money so it’s good that I didn’t bring that much with me.

I still need to think of a present for Hethurin. He says he wants robes, but he has about a thousand robes and I think I’d rather get him something that he doesn’t already have. I just don’t know what that might be yet. I’m still thinking about it. I want to get gifts for Mother and the girls too, I can take them when I deliver their invitation. That’s when I am going to have to tell her, so she can figure out if she wants to come to the ball or not. The girls are invited, and I think they’d love it, they’ve never been to a fancy party like that before. I keep trying to think about how to say it, but nothing seems right. Hopefully I’ll figure that out soon too.

Des was wanting to know if I got a lot of mistletoe, that’s the plant you are supposed to hang up so people can kiss underneath it. I did get some, but I don’t really know what she meant by “a lot”. She says she wants it in every doorway, and some in the corners! I think that might be a bit excessive. It’s not like everybody is going to be kissing someone there, after all. Also if Hethurin is worried about his school having a bad reputation, people kissing in dark corners might not be the best idea. Des finally admitted that it wasn’t for her, but for Lani. She’s going with a man, but she’s nervous about kissing him. I can understand that, Hethurin wanted to talk to her about it but honestly I think that would only make her more nervous and worried that everybody is going to be watching them the whole time. I think it’s better if everybody just pretends to forget about it and doesn’t make it a big deal, she’ll figure out how fun it is on her own. I did tell Hethurin that we ought to practice, he didn’t get it at first because he said I didn’t need practice. That’s not the point!

I also need to figure out what food we’ll be making. I’m in charge of the desserts, and Tik is doing the dinner. It’s not really a real dinner, but little things that people can eat while they are walking around or dancing. So I guess a big cake probably wouldn’t be a good idea, although it would look really beautiful. Maybe I’ll ask Hethurin what he thinks about that, since he does care an awful lot about cake.


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