[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin’s father decided to show up the other day. I hadn’t had any idea he was coming, I was sort of irritated that he hadn’t warned me, but then he said that he didn’t know either. Hethurin was up in his study taking care of paperwork, and Tik was busy finishing up with supper so I had to make sure he had drinks and everything. I mean, I guess I didn’t have to, but it would still feel strange not helping out around here, especially if someone was just sitting there in the room waiting. He asked where Hethurin was, and whether he would be ready soon — like I did something to him or what? He also asked where all the students were, I said they were in their rooms studying, as they almost always do before supper. I don’t think all of them actually study right then, but that’s what they are supposed to be doing anyway.

I guess it wasn’t so bad. We made small talk a bit, I told him about the ball that Hethurin had planned, either he didn’t know about it or he was pretending not to. I said how Tik and I had finished clearing out the ballroom, and we’re working on getting all of the things so we can decorate. He’s trying to find a place that will sell us a lot of little trees in pots, so we can put them into the students’ rooms and things like that. Of course we also need one really big one for the ballroom, but we’ll have to chop that one down somewhere. Not from this forest! They aren’t the right kind of trees. Maybe Hethurin can make us a portal to a place with the proper kind. I think it’ll all be very festive once it’s done, and it will be especially nice having the little trees in the rooms. In Silvermoon we never had a real tree for Winter Veil, because as I said they don’t have the proper kind of trees around here. I said that Tik and I were going to keep the ballroom closed, so no one could see the decorations beforehand, like it would be a surprise. I think he thought that was kind of weird, but I think it’ll be very dramatic.

Then we got talking more and I asked him if he already knew about Hethurin before he’d told them. He said he suspected, and one of the reasons was because he’d never had a girlfriend. Then he asked why I asked that, and I had to say that I hadn’t told Mother yet. I think everyone else in the world knows except her now. I do want her to come to the party but I don’t want to tell  her that night because it might upset her and ruin the party, and I don’t want her to cry in front of people. So I have to do it soon, really soon. What if she gets mad and sends me away? Or what if she says I can’t stay here anymore? Des said that shouldn’t matter because I’m an adult, which I guess I am, but I still listen to her. I don’t know if people ever really stop listening to their parents — I know Hethurin does a little, and he’s older than me. I was thinking maybe I could tell her when I bring her the invitation, I’m still trying to think of the right words in my head though and it all seems weird and awkward.

Isturon asked about my mother and sisters and I had to tell him about Father, too. Then he said that I should ask Hethurin for money for them. What? Wasn’t he the one who said I was doing that for money? I can’t just ask for money for nothing in exchange, who does that? It would be weird. Although I’m pretty sure he’s already given them some. If he pays me for working, at least that’s not just begging, then I earned it. I don’t know why he’d suggest something like that, especially given what he said about me before. I wonder if it was like a trick to make me admit that I only want his money or something. Oh he also wanted to know what I was going to do if things don’t work out with Hethurin, what a horrible thing to say! I said I’d go back to Silvermoon, which I guess I would. I think it would be pretty awkward to stay here, but why would he even ask that?

I guess it was good that we got a chance to talk a little, I’m not sure whether he likes me any more now or not though. It kind of felt like he was just asking me things to see if I’d say the wrong answer. And he’s going to be staying through the holidays, so I guess that means he’s going to be here for the ball. I hope he doesn’t want to talk to my mother.


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