[Story] Morthorn’s Journal

It seems they finally noticed that I hadn’t been around the school much of late. Hethurin came to check on me two nights ago, and Des stopped by last night. It was only partly intentional; I have other people to call on in the area, many of whom I hadn’t seen in a very long time due to being sent away to Kalimdor. A few of them had been sent as well, and it gave us more to discuss. I can’t really understand what it was like, there in the belly of Orgrimmar surrounded by fire and death, but at least I have some idea. But I suppose I have been avoiding it, a little. Two things are crucial to my work; one, to maintain confidentiality and two, that I remain objective and impartial. There is a danger of becoming too personally involved and crossing over that line where my own feelings might affect my judgment of their situation. I feel that I’ve come uncomfortably close to that line in the case of Hethurin, and maybe others at the school as well. I thought it best to step back and remind myself of that.

Hethurin was worried that I might be ill, I assured him that I felt fine but I’m not sure that he was convinced. He wanted me to return with him, though the hour was late and I was already in my reading robes. He did have matters to discuss, worries about the party he is planning — on the surface, at least. There is more to it than that, of course, worries about his relationship and how others might perceive it. He’s also worried that a guest might take the opportunity to cause trouble, I suggested that he invite someone who would be willing to act as a guard. He wanted me to come as well. Quite honestly, I don’t have much interest in a school party, and I’m not an instructor so it wouldn’t be necessary for me to attend. Though if Tik and Terellion are making the food, it’ll be wonderful, so I said that I would attend if I was free that evening.

I’m not exactly certain why Des came all the way out to town — I suppose for a mage, that’s not much of a trip at all. She asked if it would be acceptable to kiss someone under the mistletoe at the ball, and I said that it would be. She also wanted to know whether I would attend the ball or not, and whether I would come by the school for social visits. She has fanciful ideas sometimes I think, from reading too many of those romance stories from the library. As I’ve seen Lani as a patient in the past, I couldn’t come to call on her socially unless she was no longer a patient — and as she hasn’t said any such thing, I must treat her as one. I also mentioned that ranger, but Des insists that she isn’t interested in him. She may not be, but the way he looks at her… I’m surprised she can’t see it. I don’t have any wish to get caught up in between that either, honestly.

It’s been more than ten years, half the time that we had together and more years than Virinde had on this world. Some days are easier, and some are more difficult. When the nights grow crisp and cold, it’s certainly more difficult. I set the little dragonhawk doll on the table beside me while I read, and imagined that it was paying rapt attention to the story.


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