[Story] Linarelle’s Journal

I brought dinner by for Aeramin and Im last night, it sort of became a habit after sampling the food at the inn. It may be a little cold by the time I get there, but at least it’s still good. I got a little distracted talking to the girls there at school. I don’t often get a chance to talk about regular girl things, usually it’s only ranger things. Des was talking about the winter ball they plan to hold there, that’ll be fun. There’s even a proper ballroom to hold it in, they’re working on clearing it out and putting up decorations. I mean, she never exactly said I was invited but I kind of assume that I was from the way she was talking. I guess I should find out for sure. I asked whether Im and Aeramin could go, but she didn’t answer. But I’m guessing it would be fine since Aeramin teachers there, so he’s staff after all.

Lani seemed upset by the idea and didn’t want to go at all, she said she’d rather just stay home — even though home is on the estate. I mean, I could understand not wanting to travel far, but it’s right there! She said she didn’t want to drink, and then that she had to watch Rylad, then finally she said that she was worried it might be a bad idea because Ty (the Ty from our rangers’ unit) had asked to see her. I didn’t think Ty was that bad… but she explained that it was because she liked someone else, but she wasn’t sure whether he was interested. Des guessed that it was the Confessor, but neither of them had seen him around the house lately. Apparently there was some argument he had with Hethurin, but Lani was convinced that he was avoiding her. I brought up the captain, mostly because I wanted to see whether either of them were interested in him too, and she said he was handsome.

I don’t understand how Lani has all these men interested in her, when not a single one is even remotely interested in me. I don’t think I’m terrible looking, and I’m a good ranger, and I can make conversation. Maybe they’d rather have a nice priestess than a ranger who’s made mistakes. I guess I can’t blame them for that, but still. Des said that I could kiss Ty or the captain at the ball. I don’t think so! Getting involved with other rangers in your unit is a very bad idea, doubly so for the captain. Though he is interesting, if he wasn’t my captain I would certainly try at least. He seems so serious all the time, and he doesn’t say very much. Usually people who don’t talk much have a lot on their minds. And he’s older too, but not too old. I don’t know, it’s just daydreaming, I know nothing like that would happen, especially after the disastrous last one.

At least Im seems to be happy, which is good, but that makes me feel a bit lonely too. Maybe I ought to get a pet cat, like the captain suggested.


2 Responses to [Story] Linarelle’s Journal

  1. dragonfly103 says:

    I like that Sath’s solution to pretty much everything is “get a cat”

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