[Story] Sath’alor’s Journal

Progress is going well on the house. I hope to have at least the exterior walls and roof finished before the really cold weather comes, so we’re able to stay inside. The only inn in town isn’t really much better, and they charge outrageous prices because travelers don’t have any other options. That, and the food is terrible. Probably we’re all just spoiled by Tik’s cooking, but I’m fairly sure they have undead people working in the kitchen. Speaking of that, Orledin has turned out to be a really good worker. He doesn’t need to eat or sleep like we do, and the cold and dark don’t bother him. He can work all day without complaint. And he’s really not such a bad guy, if you can get past his appearance, when he sits and talks with us, he seems like just a regular person. I imagine he probably likes that feeling. It’s hard not to ask questions or bring it up, I know we do sometimes but it’s kind of unavoidable. Like when I asked if he wanted a drink. I don’t think he really did, but he took one anyway, probably because we both were.

Tylenthis is a good worker too, he’s young and enthusiastic. He likes to talk, which is something I’m not really used to. But I have to admit his company is a lot better than either the bears or annoying sisters. I still wouldn’t say I’m happy, exactly, but things are going pretty well. We got on the subject of girls last night, Tylenthis has his eye on one of Hethurin’s sisters, the one who worked in the healer tent. I’ll agree she’s not bad-looking, but I know her type. She’s a prissy city girl who’d cry if a smudge of dirt got on her robes, and would be afraid of strange noises out in the wilds at night. Not to mention, her family would never let her be with a ranger. I think he was a little discouraged when I pointed that out, but it’s better he realizes it’s pointless now before he gets too attached. Plus, from what I hear there’s another guy interested in her. One with fancy robes. Girls love the fancy robes, I don’t understand it. I don’t know, maybe I’m all wrong and it’ll turn out all right. Maybe it’s just my luck that’s awful.

I heard back from the office in Silvermoon. We’ve been given permission to use one of the old buildings down here, though we’ll have to fix that up too. I still haven’t thought of a good name yet though. Maybe the Ghosts? I guess that’s pretty dumb. So far we’ve three; four if Hethurin’s other sister agrees to join us. And unofficially, I offered Orledin a position as well. Obviously it wouldn’t be official, but out here it would be easy for him to help unnoticed. He could see things better in the dark than we can, for certain. He already had a good idea about lowering the spider population, he wants to look into caves and crevices for the nests full of eggs. Of course we’ll have to wait for warmer weather — right now the spiders are mostly hibernating, and won’t be laying eggs. He seemed to think we could talk the mages into coming along with us. Into a cave full of spiders. I don’t think that’s very likely.

He also wants to get a pet cat. I said that once the house was liveable, he could get one. I haven’t had a little cat around since the kittens. I still miss them. They probably wonder what happened to me. I wish there was a way to tell them. I’ll have to keep an eye out for strays, or people giving away kittens once the time gets near. I think a cat would really be good for him.


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