[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I decided not to write home about what’s been happening. Father would just tell me to stop complaining and make the best of it, but I know he’s just saying that because he’s already paid for this whole term. If these sort of things were happening at my old school he wouldn’t have stood for it, he’d have gone into the headmaster’s office and wanted to know what they were going to do about it. I haven’t really heard anything about whether my old school will re-open soon or not. It’s difficult to get any news all the way out here, I don’t even know if all of the old instructors made it back from Kalimdor. Father keeps saying he’ll find out but he hasn’t told me yet. And I can’t ask here, because it’ll look like I’m too eager to leave. Maybe I could ask Magister Firewind, pretend to be all casual, because I don’t think he would think that. I do like studying with him, it’s like having my own private instructor because right now there’s no one else learning fire magic. The Magister told us that we might be getting an instructor for ice magic, although I don’t know if anyone is going into that. Still, it will be interesting.

Of course Des the Perfect has already met him and knows everything about him. She said his wife is studying fire magic too, and they have a little baby. First of all, if she’s an apprentice she was probably his, and that’s probably why they have to teach at some little school in the  middle of nowhere instead of in Silvermoon. I’m surprised they didn’t have anything to say about that! But it will be nice having another baby here, he can play with Rylad. I said maybe the Magister could make one of the unused rooms into a playroom for them, that would be cute. I don’t think many schools have playrooms for babies. Oh my goodness, do she and Xarola gossip so much! I mean, sure it happened at my old school, it happened a lot. But I think it’s just so much more noticeable here because it’s so much smaller. Des was asked to help clear out one of the old rooms (of course) and it was full of some personal belongings of the old owners, like trunks. She was talking about trying to break the locks open and snoop inside! That’s outrageous! I think I bit my tongue about three times but I finally said something like, what if it was your relatives? Would you like people snooping around in their personal things? Don’t they have any sense of propriety! That’s not even mentioning the time she went snooping through their old diaries. She’s horrible. She’d better not go snooping through my things. I’m putting a fire trap on my door AND my chest.

They were saying stuff about Magister Firewind too. They said he was a terrible teacher and he did a bad job teaching our class the other day when Magister Fairsong was gone. Well first of all, arcane isn’t his area of expertise, and second he didn’t even have any time to prepare lessons. Also, he doesn’t know where we are in our work books. So he did the best that he could, and he did just as well as any substitute teacher would, and I think they’re being too mean to him. Something odd is going on with Magister Fairsong, he told us that Terellion isn’t working here anymore, but now we’re supposed to call him “Master Brightwing” instead of Terellion. But he’s not leaving, and I still see him doing all the stuff he was doing before. I’m not sure what that is all about, I’ll have to see if I can corner him to talk sometime. He’s been really quiet lately, even more than usual.

The ranger who stays here is going to be forming a group to patrol the Ghostlands here. That’s a good thing, hopefully it’ll make the forest a bit safer. Oh and then Xarola was talking about the man who’s working on the fountain and how he has a big wart, and how Magister Fairsong should talk to him about it. Really? I’m pretty sure he knows he has a wart, that’s just going to embarrass the poor man. I wonder if they even think at all sometimes. I hope I can go home to visit for the Winter Veil holidays, I’m just about going crazy here I think.


One Response to [Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

  1. Des the perfect left out that the baby is half-kaldorei, haha

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