[Story] Letter from Linarelle

Dear brother,

It’s probably a bit silly to write, as I plan to stop by and see you soon. Consider this your warning! I dropped by the school and they mentioned that you were out here working on Aeramin’s house. Does this mean you’re going to move back out this way? I really wish you’d consider it (again). I’d feel a lot better knowing you are closer than a whole separate world. From what the girls said, Aeramin’s father isn’t very nice. Why don’t you two just live there instead, and he can live in Shattrath? It seems as if a small ranger company is going to be forming out here. There’s myself, and a captain who was there in Kalimdor, named Sath’alor. I know of him, but I’ve never really spoken to him. The girls at the school let me know where his house is — at least vaguely — so I can go see about joining up with him. It’s been so long since there have been patrols in this part of the forest. One of Hethurin’s sisters is a ranger as well, and she plans to stay out here for the time being, although she’s currently recovering from her injuries. And then there’s the strange one that I met on the island — not a ranger exactly, but he’s young and I’m sure he’d be able to be of use keeping people safe. At the very least, our presence might help people feel more secure, I know Hethurin’s sister was worried about the bats and spiders eating her. Bats and spiders are nothing after orcs, as I’m sure you know.

They mentioned that Aeramin is going to be at the school teaching, too. What are you going to be doing, then? Are you joining up with the Shattrath blood knights, or coming back to Silvermoon? I guess I already asked that. The younger girl, Des, wanted some advice on men.  Like I’m the person to ask about that. Maybe she should be asking you instead. She’s interested in a man who is “older” but she wouldn’t say exactly how old he is. I wonder if there would be any more parties soon, it is getting to be winter soon, and most people have balls then. Though I suppose a lot of people might have been lost in Kalimdor, and people won’t feel like celebrating. I guess we’ll see. I never did hear back from the fellow I met at the last one. I guess he wasn’t interested after all — I must be getting worse at reading people. Des said the Confessor ought to be around for dinner often, I remember that he was quite handsome, but I suspect he’s probably very dull.

Enough about that though, I’m not too old that I need to start worrying just yet. Hopefully one of the old barracks can be fixed up for us to use, we’ll need permission of course but I don’t see how they would turn us down. After all, they only have to approve the papers, we’ll do all of the actual work. I suppose we’ll need a name, too… let me know if you think of any ideas.

Your sister,

PS – I’ll be by the inn one of these evenings. Des said the food is terrible there, so I’ll try to bring some from the school for you.



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