[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

So much has happened, I haven’t really had time to write. Besides the students, we have all of the new residents — Lani and Nessna, and Sath’alor and his new employee. It’s getting to be a regular inn around here! I don’t mind, but I’m back to having to make two cakes a day. It’s not really any extra work because they’re the same type, except when it comes to the frosting. But lately Hethurin has been coming in to “help” with that, so I don’t mind. I always save the spoon from the batter for him. Now that I think of it, that’s probably why he keeps coming in to check.

I feel like a great weight has been lifted from me. We finally had a chance to talk, we went for a picnic in Pandaria. It was such a strange-looking place, but beautiful. I definitely want to see more of it sometime. We were atop a high little hill overlooking the ocean, I could see the bear-people (Hethurin says they are pandaren) fishing below on the beach. They had their nets spread out everywhere. We actually didn’t do any fishing ourselves, we were up far too high for that. He said that he’d catch some later, using his weird time-magic stuff. I’m still not sure how that works, and I don’t think I’d really understand if he explained it anyway. He did say he’s working on being able to bring other people with, though. That could be interesting. Anyway, we were really high up and it made me a little nervous, but there was a little building there too, like a lookout tower or something. Staying near that made me feel a little safer. I made sandwiches and brought a bottle of the nice wine from the cellar. I also brought a lot of cake.

He said he’d been wanting to tell me for a long time but he was scared, because he thought he loved someone before but now he wasn’t sure. I figure if he’s done before, he ought to know, but I didn’t say that. I know how I feel though, and I’m really happy he feels the same way. But now I really think I ought to tell my mother, I want her to meet him and like him. But I’m afraid because of how badly it went when I met his father, and also my mother doesn’t even know yet. He said he’d go with me, which might be the best way. I could just say, “Hello, this is my boyfriend” and she’d probably not say anything too bad because he would be a guest. I don’t want her to pretend she likes him if she doesn’t though. This would all be a lot easier if I knew what she’d say, whether good or bad, but I really have no idea. And so close to what happened with my father too, I’m afraid of upsetting her and making things even more difficult. Hethurin said he’d help them, but I don’t want to keep taking money. I know it looks bad and people will think I just like him for that.

I’m scared that his family might try to send him away like they did to Aeramin. They thought he was in danger. I’ve met Aeramin, I have no idea how they could have thought that. Hethurin said they made up some memories or something to make it seem like he did something bad. What if they do that to me? Or what if my mother says I can’t live there anymore? I worry about those things a lot. But for a while, I didn’t. It was really nice. Des always wants to know everything, but I don’t tell her everything, that would be weird.

Oh, he wants to adopt some kids someday. He said fifty, which I think was a joke. (I hope.) I said it would probably be better in a few years when the school is more established and he can have more teachers to help him. It’s kind of weird to think about when we’re so young, but I guess it’s good to know.

I think he said he was going to go back and fish later. He explained that it would only take a few seconds here, so I could turn around and he could just suddenly have a bunch of fish. So in a way, the fish are time traveling too. That’s weird.


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