[Screenshots] Altapalooza 2013

These are the current leveling pairs. I’m still in the process of getting everyone to 15 for dungeoning — with the exception of the cows, who have done some and are 20 now. They could barely afford their riding, being off-server with no mains to send money and bags is rough!

The “soakers” are made but I haven’t taken their pictures yet, I’ll do that at the end. I may do more pairs if I end up having time, though I’ve had a slow start (due to getting up at butt-o-clock every weekday), and RaF now goes to 85, so each pair will take longer to finish.

Nice buttscratch there.

Nice buttscratch there.

Yeah, more cows. These two are on the highest Horde-pop PVE server, to help find pugs on that faction. I really like their guild’s name.

On the opposite end of the population scale, we have the lowest-pop PVE server in the United States. It’s actually an RP server, the one I started on way back in Vanilla. Things are pretty lonely there, we haven’t even got any spam guild invites 😦


And a pair on Stormrage, the crazy-high Alliance pop server. Same reason, so I’ll be able to CRZ myself to Ordos and celestial groups 😉


I had a weird dumb idea for a belf druid so  I’m doing it. He’s actually a monk, but yeah.


You might recognize Maerista from our storyline. She’s finally getting to level up, with the help of a random hunter. I like her voidwalker’s name, it’s Grimtastic!

If you don’t think Professor Squinks is the best name ever for a gnome, you’re wrong. These guys are on another high Alliance pop PVE server. They have my favorite guild name.


Haha, another dragon. I don’t know why because I hate playing mages, but oh well.


Aaaand another one. This one is the green from Ornasse’s stories.


2 Responses to [Screenshots] Altapalooza 2013

  1. Erinys says:

    Professor Squinks is an amazingly brilliant Gnome name. I think coming up with names for them is one of my favourite aspects of playing Gnomes, that plus the emote sounds. I’m toying with transferring and faction changing my Undead Priest so she can be Marshal Marshmallow,

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