[Story] Fairsong Academy – Morthorn’s Notes

I’ve returned to the academy again, though I’ve not yet seen Hethurin. Generally, content people have a less urgent need to talk to me than unhappy people. And from what Des has told me, things are going rather well for him lately. Which is fine, so long as they don’t mind that I show up for dinner now and then. I did agree to see some of the students, and Lani wanted to show me around her house, as well. Des met me outside and showed me to the new house; it’s been cleared around the grounds enough that it looks like a proper garden there now. I remember when I first came to visit, and there were brambles and crumbling stones and who knows what else. The house itself is very nice too, probably a bit too large for just one person, but currently her sister is staying as well, while she recovers. I’m not sure that the Ghostlands are a better place for that, given how cold and damp it can be in the winter, but perhaps the fresh air and solitude will be good for her. Lani’s the real healer, after all, not me.

Des was telling Lani about some old journals she’d found, presumably written by the former owners of the house. I thought it a bit intrusive to be reading someone’s private thoughts like that, certainly the author never imagined that his secrets would one day be read — and discussed — by a young student. They weren’t really the sort of things you’d discuss in polite company either, and while Des didn’t know the writer’s name, I have a fairly good idea who it must have been. I think if I should die, that I’d rather my journals all be burned. Des was also asking about some man, whether or not she was too young to pursue him. I’m not sure who she could mean, possibly Renner, though I don’t think he’s very much older. Tik, maybe? That’s possible, I suppose. I told her that it was a decision to be made by herself and the person in question, though of course there are certain societal expectations and rules — in Silvermoon. I doubt people would much care out here if she were to see a much older man. I don’t know how she has the time to even consider it, with all of her studies.

I need to speak to Orledin again soon. They’re making him sleep in the stable, which must be humiliating, not to mention uncomfortable. I’m told that he has a new job lined up, with the ranger with the tiger that we saw in Durotar. I know there’s very little I can do to influence people’s perceptions — and I’m certainly not innocent myself. There is always that worry in the back of my mind, no matter how much I assure myself that it’s perfectly safe. At the very least, he should find my stories from Kalimdor interesting.

Hethurin bought a dragon statue (why?) to put out in front of the school. The girls seem to think it will attract students. I think it’s more likely to attract pigeons, but I suppose it’s not my money.


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