[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

We finally got a chance to talk — sort of. More like, Des kind of forced the subject. I don’t mind really though, because I don’t think he ever would have otherwise. Even then he kind of tried to change the subject, he wanted to talk about wine or something. I came in to start setting up the dining room and she just kind of asked. She thinks that he is, even though he hasn’t said so. I thought that would be up to him, not her. She has a rat in a cage, from the cellar. Supposedly Hethurin knows about it, but why would he allow her to keep a rat if they’re so horrible? I think he said they’re diseased and filthy and he doesn’t want them in the kitchen. The dining room is almost in the kitchen! And all rats aren’t diseased, just the sick ones. That would be like saying all elves are diseased just because some are: obviously not true. I thought about maybe getting one for my room too, if I kept it there, Hethurin couldn’t tell me to get rid of it because it would be in my room. But I don’t know, I guess it might cause problems. That’s the last thing I need, I have plenty enough of those already.

Hethurin’s father left, but his sister is moving in. Hopefully she doesn’t hate me too. Hethurin says he doesn’t care what he says, but it just makes me nervous because of what happened last time. As far as I can tell, they made him go away because they didn’t like his last boyfriend. I keep having to remind him that I’m not Aeramin. He says he knows, but then he’s all worried that things will happen the same. I mean I guess I can’t blame him for being kind of worried, but if he knows I’m not him then you know things will be different, right? He did finally say that I was, in an indirect sort of way. He still hasn’t said the other though. He said he wasn’t sure about how I felt, really? I don’t know how I can be more obvious. When he showed up, Des just asked him right out and said that we should talk about it. Probably would have been a little less awkward if she wasn’t sitting right there. She did get up and go into the kitchen so we could talk, but we just kind of sat there. It’s not easy when you know there are people listening.

But it turned out pretty well. I brought him up some of tonight’s cake. We’re going to help Lani move her things tomorrow, he was talking about making a portal for the heavy things. What a good idea! That would sure make it easier. Des offered to make portals to bring Lani’s patients here once she gets the house set up. I think that would be better than sick or injured people trying to walk through these woods, especially if it’s at night. I guess that also means the death knight will be going away soon, the ranger is just waiting for the papers to get approved in town, he said. I didn’t get a chance to ask him about Des yet. I really don’t know what to say so it won’t be totally obvious. Maybe I should just tell her to talk to him herself, like she did to us!


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