[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin’s father hates me. He hates me so much that he and Des won’t even tell me what he said about me while I was out of the room.

First of all, he didn’t even recognize me when he arrived.  He asked if I was one of the students, and then when I said who I was, he said he’d heard a lot about me. I guess not, if he doesn’t even know what I look like! He asked a lot of questions about me and my family, like whether or not Hethurin bought my robe or not. What difference does that make? It’s not like I’m here for free robes. I remember Hethurin said I should make sure to get one that’s conservative. I know what that means for girls, it means your boobs aren’t showing, but I’m not a girl. He said he meant with sleeves. Well of course I’m not going to wear a sleeveless robe in the Ghostlands when it’s almost winter, but I don’t see what’s bad about seeing arms anyway. My robe has sleeves though. It’s blue and gold, I think it’s pretty nice. Almost all of the other robes in the shop were red or gold or white, it’s kind of unusual to see ones in other colors. I think a black one would be nice, but I didn’t see one like that. Hethurin says it matches my hair anyway, but I’m not too sure about that.

When his father arrived, Hethurin had stayed behind to talk about the dragon statue. I’m not sure why he’s getting it now, when he won’t be able to use it all winter, but maybe it was a good deal or something. And a dragon is kind of an odd thing to get for a magic school, but I guess he likes dragons. It’s going to be really big, and people will be able to throw coins into the bottom part. I wonder if I’ll have to scoop them all out. At first Isturon (that’s his father) talked about his patients and Lani moving. I’m really glad Des was there to make conversation, otherwise things would have gone even worse. He made some comment about how the war in Kalimdor wasn’t that bad, and the Scourge invasion was worse. That’s easy to say if no one in your family died, I guess. But his daughter was badly injured so you’d think he would be more sensitive. I didn’t say anything though, I didn’t want to make a bad impression.

Isturon asked if Hethurin was paying me, and how I came to work here. I told him the truth, that my father went away to Kalimdor and I needed to get a job so we’d have money. He wanted to know what my father did and I told him. Then he asked how come I didn’t join the guard and I said because I was too young. I might be able to get away with it now if I lied about my age — of course I’d have to talk to a different person than the one I talked to before. But I don’t really want to be a city guard, I think working here is a lot better. I like making the cakes, and most of the students are around my age.

I got up a lot to get the food and drinks, also because I didn’t want to just sit there with him watching me the whole time. It was freaking me out. I know they were talking about me, I tried to listen through the door but I didn’t hear very much. But when I brought the roast in, Isturon was already heading up to his room, saying that he was tired. They both said he would like me better more later on, or when he wasn’t tired, or something. It was horrible. They wouldn’t even say what he’d said, but I can probably imagine. I didn’t feel like eating, even though it was apple caramel cake. Hethurin was so sure that he’d like me, and he doesn’t. What if Isturon tells him to stop seeing me? I guess it’s partly because my own father isn’t here anymore, and I know they aren’t the same person but it hurts that he doesn’t like me. It’s like my own father wouldn’t like me if he knew.

And he hasn’t said anything either. Des thinks he’s afraid because things didn’t go so well with Aeramin, but I’m not him. Oh and she wants me to ask the ranger if he thinks she’s pretty or not. I’m pretty sure that won’t work because he knows that I don’t like girls that way. “You’ll think of something” is what she said. I have no idea.



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