[Screenshots] Together Again

I decided to re-roll one of my Draenei — I’d since race-changed him because he was off-server and not really doing anything. He didn’t really have anything to do story-wise, but he was always one that I was fond of. He appeared briefly in Vajarra and Vassanta’s story as the tracker who hunted down the blood elf. In that story, his beloved ravager, Bloodthorn, was killed by the blood elf.

I’m going to be RPing him as a tracker, but in the alternate-timeline Draenor, which means that Bloodthorn lives again! Maybe it’s a weird thing to be happy about, but I am! Most likely, Lireos my paladin will join him, at the temple of Karabor.

Man, leveling through here has been a big old nostalgia crit, though. Those furbolg quests are still the best.



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