[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I thought everything would be great once I got back. And it is, mostly. Aeramin was there waiting right at the dragonhawk keeper when I landed, and he’d already arranged for us to go to the school for dinner. Which was totally fine by me, I don’t think I trust the food at the inn, Forsaken have been touching it. Do they even have tongues? How can they cook if they can’t taste if something is good or not? It was nice seeing Des again, she seemed happy to see us. I didn’t get to see Terellion, Aeramin said that’s the guy that Hethurin is seeing now. I was mostly just curious. I’m glad if it’s true, because I always felt kind of bad about how things happened, I guess I’d feel a bit less guilty knowing that he has someone there at the school now.

Suddenly Aeramin didn’t want me to come help with the house anymore, even after I’d said I would in my letters. Like he just wants me to sit around in the inn or something, I guess? Of course I’m not going to do that. Later I figured out it’s because he probably didn’t want me talking to his father, but that’s still not much reason to not help him out. I may not have any experience fixing houses, but it can’t be too difficult and I can probably help him lift stuff. It’ll get done twice as fast with me helping, anyway. His father came into the inn last night while we were eating. Well, in truth I didn’t eat much. As I said, I don’t really trust anything that Forsaken have made. Aeramin got soup, which was kind of weird and cloudy. I had a sandwich, you’d figure that would be safe, but I have no idea what was on it. Maybe Aeramin can conjure some toast or something, at least I’d know what that is. I knew it was his father because he sat at our table, that and they look almost alike.

I don’t think he likes Aeramin very much, which is sad. I guess I could have been stuck with a father like that, if I had one. I always imagined we’d have a really great relationship and he’d be really proud of me, but I guess in reality it’s not always like that. At first he thought I was paying to stay with him, I guess. Doesn’t he know Aeramin stopped doing that years ago? I think he was just trying to annoy Aeramin, and it probably worked. That didn’t bother me too much, what did bother me was when he kept talking about all the people Aeramin used to see. Especially when he was talking about some girl, and how he wished Aeramin had stayed with her. It was just weird and awkward, and later when I asked if he was still sad about it, he didn’t really answer. If he would rather have a girl why am I here? I mean it doesn’t really bother me, more than he was hiding it I guess. I don’t know, it’s just weird. I’m probably over-thinking everything too much, we get along fine and I like living with him. It shouldn’t have to be more complicated than that, at least for now.

We’re going to try getting the water to work tomorrow. Aeramin said that  magic wouldn’t work for it, because someone would always have to be there to maintain the spell. But in town they might have some kind of mechanical pump or something. I sure hope his father knows how that is supposed to work, because I don’t. I can help them put the roof on, at least.



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