[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Maerista

Dear Father,

The school has certainly been busy lately! The magister’s friend and her brother have been staying here. He’s a ranger, he plans to buy one of the houses here in the Ghostlands, I suppose because they don’t cost very much. But then, they require a lot of work to fix up. He’s going to hire the worker that the magister is using now, because the work here is almost finished. I don’t know how he can stand to work outside in this cold! During the daytime it isn’t so bad, but in the mornings and evenings it gets quite chilly. The dining tables have been moved inside and we eat there now. Well, most evenings I eat in my room. I have my own fireplace and it’s a lot less awkward. Although sometimes we have interesting guests, as I said.

A few nights ago there was a new one, another man who’d just returned from Kalimdor. He said the crazed orc had been found, which means everyone should be coming back soon. Well, almost everyone. I keep wondering if anyone I know has died, and how. I know it’s morbid but I can’t help it. I’m wondering about whether I’m going to keep studying here, or try to go back to Silvermoon. I mean, I know you’ve paid for the remainder of the term, but after that. I do like the magister, and Aeramin. They are both very good teachers and it’s wonderful to have so few students that they can really focus their attention on helping me if I have any questions. But it’s so lonely. None of the students talk to me, well sometimes Xarola does but she’s always busy studying. The only person who would talk to me at all was Terellion, and now he’s always busy with the magister. Also he’s going through some difficult times, as he found out that his father didn’t return from Kalimdor. I don’t think everyone was supposed to know that exactly, but you know how things get around, especially in a place with as few people as this.

Anyway, this new person was — actually I’m not really sure what he was. I think he was a guard of some sort, he was asking if the magister or anyone needed a guard. He said he could also do other things, but he’d been guarding people in Kalimdor. He also said that he never really stayed in one place for long, which made me a little wary. Because I thought he might be a criminal on the run or something. He swore he wasn’t, but of course he’s not going to admit if he is. I hope he doesn’t end up staying here, it would make me kind of nervous. He said he knows the magister’s sister, Lani, so if I see her I want to ask her about that. She’s back too, but she’s been in Silvermoon visiting her family. I don’t blame her, I want to visit home too. Maybe one day soon we’ll take a trip into the city. I haven’t got portals down yet. But my fire spells are doing really well! I’m probably going to have to get lessons from the magister for that, and also conjuration. Aeramin isn’t especially good at either of those!




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