[Story] Fairsong Academy – Morthorn’s Journal

Normal. It’s a nice feeling. No more hot anxious days, dreading what might walk through that canvas doorway. You take things for granted — a hot bath, good food. I certainly won’t for a while. The first thing I checked was that my chapel was still standing, and it was, though the spiders had certainly done a good job of redecorating while I was away. I need to call on all of my subjects, but the evening was a bit late already and I didn’t want to walk after dark. And yes, I’ll admit that I was hungry. There wasn’t any food at all at home, and it was a good excuse to call on Hethurin and his students.

They all said they’d missed me. I guess I found that a little surprising, but we were away for quite some time. I missed them too, of course, but I think I halfway expected them to forget I was gone. Aeramin was there, which surprised me a little. He’s helping Hethurin, with instruction in fire magic. It’s beneficial for the new students to have more teachers, though I do wonder if it’s the best idea for Hethurin to be spending too much time around him. If he invited him, he must feel ready. Because of the late hour, most of the students had already eaten and retired to their rooms to study. I’ll have to meet them when I come back. I’m eager to meet them, although I don’t know where I’ll find the time to talk with everyone. More people are moving here every day; Hethurin mentioned that the ranger with the tiger is staying here as well. I remember him mostly because of that tiger. I had to walk around it to get into the tent that night, and I’d rather not admit how long that took.

Aeramin left to await Imralion’s return at the inn. I suspect he may be a bit longer in getting back, I believe he was one of those who went underground, but I don’t blame Aeramin for not wanting to miss him. Des went upstairs to study, and I promised to speak with her soon. From the letters, it seems that she’s had some trouble adjusting to the new students. Hethurin and I spoke a bit about his situation as well, he’s afraid that things will turn out badly between him and Terellion. It’s true that they could, we can never know what might happen in the future. I ensured him that there was no rush, he’s still young and doesn’t have to make any life-long decisions just yet. They should enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better. It doesn’t help that Hethurin himself seems a little uncertain, I’m sure Terellion has picked up on that. I encouraged him to discuss it with him, I can only guess at what his feelings might be. I’m glad Hethurin didn’t ask anything too personal, I was worried that he might. Maybe he figures I don’t know anything about men — which is true, I don’t. Not in that capacity anyway, but I’ve found that men and women don’t differ especially much when it comes to emotions.

I’m curious to see the new house too, although I said I would wait until Lani is here. I think it’s only fitting that she sees it first, it’s her house after all. She did seem very excited to show it off. Hethurin was kind enough to make me a portal back to town. I really ought to buy a hawkstrider one of these days.


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