[Story] The Siege – Letter from Imralion

Dear Aeramin,

It’s over. They found him. From what I heard, they didn’t kill him though — I mean, what was the point of all of us coming here to let him go? So many people died. I saw some of them. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to him, or to Orgrimmar, but I really don’t care. I just want to come home and forget everything about this place. I’m still going to take you up on that offer for breakfast.

I forgot that it was your birthday. I feel terrible. I know it’s not really an excuse, but it’s hard to keep track of the days when we were underground. I promise I’ll make it up to you when I get back. I think they’re still keeping us here a few days longer, to clean up and make sure the city is secured. But we’re out of danger now, at least, as far as I know. I suppose there might be some explosives hidden somewhere or something, that’s one of the things we are going to be checking for. You should have seen all the stuff that orc had stashed underground! Giant machines and all kinds of crates full of who knows what. Oh, and a giant devilsaur. Yeah, seriously. I’m not sure what he planned to do with that thing.

I hadn’t seen Lin for a while, and I heard some of the rangers got hurt trying to bring down the proto-drakes, but I was able to see her after we came up out of the tunnels. That was a relief. I was afraid something had happened to her, I mean I figured I’d have a feeling or something but I’m just glad she’s okay. I think she plans to go back to Eversong, maybe she could come patrol the Ghostlands too. Maybe she’d even come help at the house.

I have a few cuts but nothing too serious, they didn’t even send me to the healer tent. I’ll be able to come help you with the house. I haven’t really built a house before but at least I can help you lift the big pieces. Your father won’t throw hammers at me too, will he? Maybe he’ll be on better behavior if there are guests present. If not, he can’t be any more obnoxious than a demon. Or a troll. I really don’t like having to be near them, especially in close quarters like a tunnel. I’m sure you can imagine what that smelled like — not that I smell that great right now either. I think the first thing I want when I get home is a bath.

I’ve heard that the Regent Lord is going to make a speech or something later. Hopefully he pays us too, right? Actually I’ll probably have to go to Silvermoon for that, but a trip to a real city with buildings that aren’t on fire sounds pretty good right now. I figure they’ll make us portals, so we won’t have to take a long boat ride home. I guess it depends on how tired the mages are. But either way, I’ll be there soon. I’ll ask for a portal to Silvermoon instead of Shattrath, and I can take a dragonhawk down to Tranquillien. You’ll have to meet me there to show me where the house is.




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