[Story] Fairsong Academy – A Trip to Silvermoon

Terellion looked over his list as the approached the bazaar. If the others were coming home soon, he’d definitely need a few more supplies. He decided that a few more blankets couldn’t hurt either, especially if all of the rooms were as drafty as his own was. Hethurin had felt really bad about that, but it hadn’t been his fault at all. Old houses were drafty, especially ones with ghosts in them. He bought two of the thin woolen ones — they weren’t much, but they would help — and also a soft little one, fluffy and yellow, in case the priestess’s baby decided to come early. She insisted that it wouldn’t yet, but it was always better to be prepared.

He paused at one of the robe shops to look in the window display. Terellion still didn’t know very much about robes, but these ones looked fancy, he liked the embroidery they had along the chest and sleeves. They might be good for a party — or if Hethurin’s father came to visit. He wasn’t sure what the priest knew, exactly, Hethurin had been rather vague about that. He’d met someone, but that could mean anything really. Still, he wanted to make a good impression, it wouldn’t do to show up with dusty armor or smudges of dirt from the garden. He still felt a little odd wearing a robe, but he had to admit they were comfortable, especially now that the days were getting colder.

Earlier that morning, he and Tik had moved all of the tables inside the dining room. The evenings were simply becoming too chill, and the sun setting too early, to eat supper outside anymore. Once the garden dried out in the spring, the tables could sit outside again. Terellion wondered whether the tiger would come inside the dining room, or wait outside. The death knight probably still would. He was wary of him already, and now he’d seen him coming closer to the house, and even talking to Des and the ranger. It made him nervous, like he was planning something. Des insisted that wasn’t the case, but Orledin was a death knight. Killing was what he had been created to do. The ranger with the tiger had asked to take him to his house once the work here was finished, and that was a welcome relief.

Terellion didn’t try on any of the robes, it would have been better with Hethurin there to give his advice anyway. He did stop at the bookseller’s, and found a small leather-bound book of poems. They were a little old-fashioned, but he didn’t think Hethurin would mind. He bought sugar and flour at the dry goods store, and vegetables and chicken at the market. Last night, Hethurin had said he liked the green candy best, and he was able to find a whole sack full of them for sale. He got a bag of mixed candies for the others, as well.

He still had a bit of time before he had to get back, so he stopped by his old house as well. Mother would probably not be home; she often took the girls to the park during the mornings. He’d thought about bringing Hethurin to visit, and simply telling them that way. Surely they’d be impressed by his success and intelligence, and his fancy mage’s robes. But Hethurin thought it might be better if he told them alone first. Terellion still wasn’t sure if that was the case. It worried him either way. He stopped at the steps to collect the mail in the postbox, and let himself inside. As he’d guessed, no one was at home now, but he could leave a note saying that he’d been by. He left the small bag of mixed candy for the girls, and looked for a piece of paper to write on. The corner of one of the letters caught his eye, a seal in red and gold. It looked official.

Frowning, Terellion took the letter out of the pile of mail. It was addressed to the Brightwing family, and he was still part of that, even if he didn’t really live here. He broke the seal and began to read the letter inside. It is with my deepest regrets that I must inform you that Galandil Brightwing was lost in defense of his country and people, at the Siege of Orgrimmar in Kalimdor.



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