[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin seemed like he’d been avoiding me the past couple of days, I know part of it was that he was preoccupied with visiting his sister, but then he didn’t have any cake the other night and that got me worried. That was the banana cake too, which he’d requested, and it was really good by the way. I put a kind of brown sugar frosting on it that went really well. But when I took it up to him he didn’t touch it, and the next morning he didn’t want any either. Last night I finally was able to catch him alone in his study — Aeramin was outside talking with Des. He keeps asking me if I mind that he’s here, I don’t really, but it’s still kind of awkward, you know? I mean, it’s not like I believe anything will happen but I keep thinking about how he tried to make me eat that food that I didn’t want at the restaurant. And they were talking about Hethurin, which I didn’t really like. I mean, I know everyone talks here, but they could at least be a little more subtle about it, or at least wait until I can’t hear them. So I went and got Hethurin a piece of the chocolate marble cake that I made, and I took it into his study. I set it down and he said he didn’t want any, and I was about to say I’d leave it and see if he wanted it later, but he asked if I was mad at him.

I thought he was mad at me or something, maybe because I was confused about the other night. I explained that, and told him I wasn’t mad about anything, just I thought everything was supposed to be the right time before we did anything like that. Trust me, I’ve thought about it a lot and I definitely had hoped he’d ask. So then he said if I came up and we sat in front of the fire, that it could be the right time. I couldn’t concentrate on much the rest of the night! Luckily dinner was already finished, and all I had to do was carry the plates out and refill the glasses. Des and Aeramin were still talking about him, and they talked about magic and teleporting rats. That reminded me I need to go down and make sure all of the rats are out of the cellar. I guess it’s too late now though. I wish they didn’t have to use real rats, they didn’t even do anything wrong. Hethurin says it’s better than getting stuck in a wall, but I bet the rats don’t think it’s better.

I wasn’t sure what he wanted to do but I had a lot of ideas from that book. I asked if he wanted me to go and get it from my room, but he didn’t. I mean it all happened sort of suddenly like one minute we were kissing and then other things were happening. I know he was worried that I would regret it but I don’t at all, how could I? But I don’t know if that means he’s my boyfriend now — he has to be, right? I was trying to ask him about that before but he was really vague about it, like he didn’t want to say for sure. I know I want to stay here with him no matter what happens, but that means I will have to tell my mother and father. I don’t think it would be good to write a letter, it would be better if I brought him there to meet him. But then what would I say? And Father isn’t even back yet. Is it better to tell them separately or together? He wants to take me to visit Pandaria, it’s really far away but he can make a portal there. That’s how he made so much gold, making people portals there. He’s not that much older than me, but he’s already done so much. It’s kind of weird to think about sometimes. I want him to be able to do the time trick so we can stay together all night and talk, and then come back to the real time and sleep. He said he’d have to learn how to bring other people with. I think that would be really good, I hardly ever have time to talk to him. I think that was the best part, just being able to spend time with him. I mean the rest was good too, obviously. I hid behind the curtains in the morning but Tik knew anyway. I figured he would, probably the entire countryside knows already. Tik asked if I slept well. Maybe I’m just imagining things. He did have a good suggestion for today’s cake, in the inns they have these big buckets of sweets that you can take for free because of the holiday. I’m going to use them to decorate the edges of the cake today. Some of them are supposed to look like kernels of corn, except they don’t really. I like the mint-flavored ones though, I saved a few of those for myself.

I wanted to write him a poem but I’m really not any good at that so I just copied one out of the book. I wrote the name of the author at the bottom though so he wouldn’t think that I was trying to say I wrote it. I got a flower from the garden and I put it with the card. Pretty sure Tik saw me doing that too. Whatever.



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