[OOC] How to Train Your Dragon

Edit: Registration is extended until tomorrow afternoon!

There are still a couple hours to sign up if you haven’t yet! In the meantime here are a few tips that might help out new players. There are a lot of help guides on the forum and such, if you want more detail you can check there.

Picking a Flight

The only major impact this will have on the game is the color of your hatchlings’ eyes. All babies born in your nests will have your element’s eye color. You can still buy dragons of other elements, and they’ll retain those. If you fight in the Coliseum, your dragons’ element will have some bearing on what enemies you are strong or weak against, but even so this is fairly minor. (And more about the Coliseum later.) Each flight has its own private forum that you can access from the forums page. It’s a great place to get to know your fellow clans.


Baby dragons, yay! You will start with your clan progenitor and a random mate. They will both be plentiful breeds. There are different rarities of dragon breeds, this determines how long their breeding cooldown is. Plentiful breeds (fae, tundra, guardian, mirror) can breed every 15 days. This wiki page lists the different categories and cooldowns. Any dragon breed can reproduce with any other, however it’s important to take breed rarity into account. If you breed a rare to a plentiful, for example, there is only a very tiny chance of getting any offspring of the rare breed. Therefore it’s better to breed within the same (or close) breed rarities. Cross-breeding different breeds is also beneficial as there’s a chance of producing more eggs than a single-breed clutch.  All nests take six days to hatch — the image is a little deceptive because they don’t hatch once the bar is full, there’s still one more incubation after that. You can hatch a nest instantly with the gem item, Boon of Fertility, but these are pretty expensive.

Are you curious to see what two dragons’ babies might look like? Try this color predictor. Just put in the parents’ colors and it will show all possible offspring colors.  Like a dragon’s breed, rarity determines its genes too. Certain genes, such as circuit and shimmer, are more rare, and will be inherited less often. To ensure that a baby will have the gene you want, both parents should have it.

What are gems?

Gems are the site’s premium currency. You get 1 per day as long as your dragons are well-fed, you can also find them in chests or you can sell your dragons and items for gem currency. The fastest way to get gems is of course to purchase them.  Many market items are sold only for gems, but you can find people re-selling them for gold, usually at a high markup.


There are some things you will want to do every day. First, ensure that all of your dragons are fed! Click the “Feed” button at the top of your lair’s page. Next, you will want to tend to any nests. Go to the nesting grounds and click “incubate” for any babies you might have. Next, you will want to do your gathering. You’ll probably want to gather a food type that your dragons eat — if you mouse over them it will show their diet. The first food item listed is their favorite, and they will eat that first. For example, guardian dragons eat anything, but they prefer meat. Try to keep a small supply of food on-hand so your dragons won’t go hungry if you can’t log in for a while. The element that you gather in will affect what types of food you get, but it really doesn’t matter too much — they will all feed your dragons just fine! During the elemental holidays however, you will want to gather in that element because you’ll find the holiday currency. The next holiday coming up will be plague’s. Once you have gathered your food, click the items you want to feed your dragons and choose “Convert”. This will turn the items into food that your dragons can eat. You’ll want to stop by the trading post every day. Pinkerton at the plundered pile will give you one item every day. Usually this is junk, but it could be food, or even a piece of clothing or a familiar. His sister Crim is next door, and she’ll offer you treasure in exchange for 5 items every hour. BE CAREFUL, because some of her deals are not worth accepting. If you’re unsure, check the auction house for an item’s value first before clicking “trade”.

Lastly, bond with your familiars. Familiars are little animal pets that befriend your dragons. One can be assigned to each dragon, you can obtain them from gathering, from Pinkerton, the marketplace or the auction house. (Always check the auction house, they’re usually cheaper than the marketplace.) They can also drop in the Coliseum. Once attached to a dragon, you can collect treasure from your familiar once per day. You will see the affection bar start to fill, when this bar is filled you will receive a treasure chest, and a new bar will start. The highest loyalty level is “Awakened”, at that stage your familiar will give you 50 treasure per day. If you have more familiars than dragons, you can swap them out. The familiars will not lose their loyalty! In this way you can bond with all of them even if they don’t have a dragon of their own.

Auction House

When you decide you’d like to buy a new dragon, head over to the auction house where you can select by breed and gene. Genes determine the pattern that a dragon has. Primary genes cover the dragon’s body, like tiger and clown. Secondary genes affect the wings, like eyespot and seraph. Tertiary genes are allover patterns, like circuit and gembond. There is also underbelly, which changes a dragon’s belly color to its tertiary. Dragons can be bought for gold or gems. They’re usually sold as babies, and un-named. They’ll grow up on the 6th day to their adult art. To give your dragon a new name, just click on the little paper next to “Unnamed”.


To make gold, you’re going to have to play some games! There are only a few now, but more are on their way. I rather like the puzzles, but usually I make my money in the coliseum. How? No treasure drops there! But you can sell the items that you get, even the junk adds up if you sell all of it. Plus, you’ll find lots of food for your hungry dragons. You can convert it, or sell it on the auction house for money. I will probably do a separate post just about the coliseum, but it’s worth going just to check it out. Only full-grown dragons who have names are able to fight in the coliseum.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is new, if you have any questions feel free to ask in comments or on the site, my username is DancingHare #27230. Your account number can be seen at the end of the URL on your lair page!


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