[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sath’alor’s Journal

I like this place more than I expected to. Sure, it’s a bit creepy, and I think Isandri was telling the truth about there being ghosts. But it’s so peaceful and quiet, and it’s just what I wanted right now. There are no orcs or cannons or fighting anywhere, I can just sit in the garden and look at the gold and red leaves. Of course, that means I have a lot of time to think about stuff too, whether that’s good or not — I don’t know yet. Isandri brought me a letter, it had come to the house. I could tell who it was from even before she gave it to me, she hesitated. I don’t know what it is she wants from me, what I’m supposed to write back. She’s moved on with her life, but I haven’t. I should be happy for her, I guess, but it’s difficult. She wrote that she’s almost finished teaching Aeramin. I told her I’d come back after that, but now I don’t know. It’s a lot more complicated now, although she didn’t mention that other guy so maybe he’s not around. Even if he’s not, what would I even say to her? I don’t know. I wish things were different, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

I did at least come to visit the school, but that was Isandri’s idea. She’s promised to help me look for a new place of my own. Hethurin didn’t see to know of too many nearby, though he did confirm that we could look up their owners in town. I don’t really want to ask Isandri to come with me, because I don’t think she should be riding a hawkstrider right now, but she said she’ll be fine. I think Thero would probably have a fit if he knew. I don’t need a place as big as the school, just a house with a few rooms, and a stable or outbuilding. The cats will need a place to come in out of the weather when it’s cold. Isandri seemed very excited about one, she said it’s on a river and found the name of the owner for me. I’m planning to go see it with her in a week or so, I should be fine to ride by then. I can already walk around, though everyone treats me like I can’t. I go sit in the garden and I do the exercises that Isandri showed me. Sometimes I pick up my bow, it still hurts too much to pull it back, but I guess I just like holding it anyway. Clementine likes it here too, she likes having all the brush and brambles to prowl around in. I’ve seen her come home with blood on her muzzle more than once, I don’t know what kind and I prefer it that way.

Hethurin’s staff have been nice about bringing me anything I need. The young guy brings my food up every night on a little tray. That’s the one Isandri said is Hethurin’s new friend. I don’t know if that’s really true, sometimes I think she likes to imagine things are going on when they aren’t — kind of like a hobby I guess, getting people together. But Hethurin should be happy after all he’s been through, so I guess I kind of hope it’s true. He seems nice, though we haven’t really got to talk, he brings my food and wine and takes away the dishes. He brought me some extra pillows too. Usually he brings my cake later in the evening, too, but last night it was one of the girls who brought it. Maybe Terellion was busy or something. She wanted to stay and talk for a while, she told me more about the teleport spell she was learning. She reminds me of Isandri, and by extension Aranae. I worry about her, whether she’s been hurt too and whether she’ll ever go back to her family. I guess I didn’t really want to either, but I was out of options. I wonder if everyone else will come back soon, and we can try to pretend to be normal again.

I should ask if the cooks can make those noodles like we had in Pandaria. Those were really good, probably the only thing I really miss about that place. I think everyone here would love them too.


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