[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Maerista

Dear Father,

The lessons with the fire mage have been going really well. I hope I can continue to see him even after everyone comes back. Right now it’s just once a week, which isn’t much at all, but it’s better than none at all. He’s given me some suggestions for books to read and things to practice in the meantime, and then I can show him my progress. This morning after breakfast I was able to demonstrate a little, it’s still not perfect but I know I’ll get it down soon. At least I haven’t set anything on fire that I wasn’t supposed to. That would be embarrassing!

I don’t know if people will be back soon or not. There have been some really awful accidents — well, I guess they aren’t really accidents if it’s a war. Incidents, would probably be a better word. Besides Tik the butler, one of the Magister’s sisters was also hurt really badly. I’ve really just heard rumors at this point, but I’m pretty sure he’s gone to see her in Silvermoon. No one knows exactly what happened but if she’s in Silvermoon, I’m sure she’s seeing a good healer. There’s also a ranger here that I guess the Magister knows. He was hurt too and was sent home, normally he lives in Eversong I guess. I think he’s a little too old for me, which is too bad. Not that Mother would allow me to marry a ranger anyway. It’s weird, it seemed like Aeramin knew him. He seemed concerned that they might bump into each other in the hallway or something. He also knew the death knight. How does he know everyone here? He must have lived here before.

Things actually weren’t too awful with Des there, but maybe she was just being polite because Aeramin was there too. Usually she just pretends like I’m not there. It’s funny, she was saying how horrible it is in that big spooky house when you have no one to talk to. Yes, I have noticed that! I mentioned that I talked to Terellion sometimes and she gave me a funny look. Maybe I’m not supposed to do that? Not that it matters anyway, I’m fairly certain that he and the Magister are up to something. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but the other night they had dinner together. Why would he have dinner with his employee if there wasn’t something else going on? It’s not my business really, but it might explain why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’d probably like to have someone to talk to besides me, as well. But I hope he doesn’t spend all his time with the Magister.

I forgot to mention that the ranger has a tiger. I saw it prowling around in the garden. It’s a good thing the Magister mentioned it beforehand, or I probably would have screamed. She just lays in the sunshine, but still, I’m not going to get too close. She’s huge! Maybe she’ll eat some of the spiders. I should try to talk to the ranger, he must be bored having to stay indoors all day. His sister is a priestess, and she’s been coming to check on him. She’s going to have a baby soon. I wonder if the father is away in Kalimdor, I haven’t seen her with anyone.

Love, Maerista

PS – I’ve enclosed a list of books, if you see any of them there in the shop in Silvermoon could you pick them up? I found a few here in the library, but not many. I don’t need all of them, just one or two for now. Thank you!


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