[Story] The Siege – Morthorn’s Journal

It’s been a difficult few days for everyone. I suppose I knew the quiet couldn’t last for too long, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so upsetting. I didn’t see it happen, but I heard enough from the shocked bystanders. An orc who had been operating one of their iron-spiked demolition machines was shot in his seat, causing the contraption to veer out of control. Most of the elves were able to get out its path in time, but not all. I’m told that one of them was crushed outright beneath it, but one was still clinging to life. She was brought back here, where Lani did what she could to stabilize her. It wasn’t until later that I learned the injured woman was her own sister, and the man was her brother-in-law  — the husband of the woman who lay in our tent. Life is rarely fair for any of us, but that seems too much sorrow for one person to bear.

After she was stabilized, the woman was taken back to Silvermoon via portal, so that Lani’s father might continue to monitor her. She’ll be much more comfortable at home than our hot, dark tent. We didn’t speak at all that night, but I knew better than to try. Last night we did, though. I asked how she was able to keep a steady hand, to concentrate on what needed to be done, even knowing that it was her sister. She didn’t have a good explanation, she said that she simply did. That’s the part that I don’t understand. I suppose that’s why I never finished my healer training, and she did. It’s bad enough seeing a stranger like that, I couldn’t imagine a friend or relation. The woman wasn’t awake enough to talk, and probably remains blissfully unaware of what has happened, at least for now. I’d like to volunteer to speak with her once she wakes, but I don’t want to overstep my place. The family doesn’t know me — well, aside from Hethurin and Lani — and they may wish to let her grieve in peace. I just want to make sure she knows that it isn’t her fault, that it’s all right to be angry. I never like to talk about myself when I see my subjects, but I think sometimes it’s necessary so that they know that I understand them. This would have to be one of those times. She still has her son, at least, and I’m sure that will give her incentive enough to try.

Lani and I talked about books, too. I didn’t really figure her the sort to like adventure stories, but she told me about a book she read about a criminal. Actually, we were discussing where the orc might possibly have gone, and she said he could have built a bunker with a secret exit. But the only way he could exit would be into Aszhara, where surely the kaldorei will be waiting for him. I hope it won’t be much longer. I have a feeling we’ll see more visitors to our tent before all of this is over. I just hope it isn’t anyone else that we know.

I think a lot about what I’ll do when we get back. The first thing I’ll do is check that my house is still standing, and everything’s still inside. Lani suggested that I get Hethurin to check on it while he’s in town, but that boy has plenty enough on his mind as it is. In addition to everything else, now his sister’s been gravely injured. I need to write back to him, but I haven’t had the time with all of the injured. Then I want a hot bath, as hot as I can stand it, scented with some of the bath salts from that shop in the bazaar. And then I’m going out for dinner at my favorite restaurant in the square, to eat real food that doesn’t taste of onions.

I’m curious to see the new students as well, and see how the death knight has done at fixing up Lani’s house. She’s quite excited for that, though she’s worried about living alone. I pointed out that she won’t really be alone at the school, her brother and all of the students will be there. After growing up with so many siblings, I’d think she will welcome the solitude.



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