[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Maerista

Dear Father,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. Not too much has been happening. Oh, the butler — not the new one, but the one who was here before — was injured in Kalimdor and sent home to the school. Thankfully it’s nothing too serious and he’s still able to do most everything that he could before, still it’s a little upsetting seeing his bandages. It makes me worry about the other people I know there, I mean it’s not like having a family member there but I still worry. Almost all of my teachers and some of the students I knew who had already finished have gone there. The butler didn’t know if they were all coming home soon, but he mentioned that they had made it past the gates. I figure that’s good, as that was probably the most difficult part. How hard can it be to find one orc in Orgrimmar?

The Magister’s friend from Shattrath came last night. I almost didn’t recognize him at first because of the ridiculous clothes he was wearing. He said it’s because he had to work on the roof of his house, which I guess makes sense, but I’d think he would have at least changed before he came here. But shabby clothes or not, he sat and talked with me and he asked about what I’ve been working on and whether I’d read the books he suggested (I had). He said he couldn’t give lessons during the daytime, because he had to work on the house, but he could arrive before supper and do them after. That’s an even better idea, because then I’ll be able to talk to him at suppertime too. He seemed impressed with the food, and with the dessert. Normally he lives in Shattrath, but he must know how to make portals here. I haven’t perfected mine just yet so I wouldn’t dare try making one to Shattrath. I’ve been there before of course, but making a portal is another matter entirely. It’s another world, and magic acts a little strange there.

Before he got here though, I was talking to the Magister a little and he mentioned chronomancy. I’ve only read references to that before, in fact I didn’t think that sort of thing was really allowed. I guess it’s safe since we’re out here in the middle of nowhere, though. He tried to explain it, but I don’t think I understood it very well. I’ll have to look if there are any books in the library here, there must be, if he’s learning it. I wonder what sort of spells you can do with chronomancy? Can you look into the future? I think it would be very interesting. Oh, he also said it would be all right if I conjured in my fireplace now that it’s winter. I don’t really plan to manipulate it very much, but you know sometimes I just get bored or whatever and find myself doing it. He said he isn’t worried but he’ll ward the room just in case. That’s probably a good idea, I haven’t had any bad accidents for a long time but it’s always better to be prepared. It’s getting quite cold here at night, so I’m very glad for the blankets that you sent. They’re going to move the dining tables inside soon too, because we won’t be able to eat outside anymore. I imagine this place gets even more gloomy in the winter. I hope it isn’t too spooky.




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