[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I wish I could write to Mother and the girls about everything that’s happened. Maybe I should, just sort of leave hints and they would eventually figure it out. But I didn’t, I still wrote but I filled it with normal news. I told them about little Rylad, if they ever visit I know they’ll want to see him. I mean I know a school isn’t really a place for children, but it’s pretty safe now with both Tik and I to keep the yard clear. And there might be a night for parents to come and visit or something. I told her how nice the garden looks now, and about how we’re going to plant an apple tree in the spring. I did write about the fair a little, I left out anything that sounded too dangerous and unsavory. Mostly I wrote about the food and the fireworks, and about the interesting animals that we saw. (I left out the gnoll, and the fortunes.) I bet they’ll all think the fat walrus guy was weird too. I looked in a book and the tall thing was from the Barrens. That’s in Kalimdor, I wonder if Father has seen any of those things?

And I want to write Hethurin a letter too, I know that Tik leaves him a little card in the mornings. But I’m scared that someone else might see it I guess, or that I would seem weird or something. I didn’t know it was possible to go from thinking we hate each other to kissing in such a short time. Oh and I want to write something about too, about how perfect it was with the fireworks and everything, even if I had to ask who was supposed to start. It was definitely better the second time, I want to find out if it’s even better after that. But back here, we hardly have any time together at all. There’s tea in the morning, but if I stay too long, people will get suspicious and Tik could walk in at any moment. Not to mention that Hethurin’s usually half asleep then anyway. He does want to go fishing again sometime, not because I really love fishing but so we can sit together for a while and no one will ask why. He seems to really like the smoked fish, which is good. Don’t get me wrong, I love cake too, but Tik has a point there. I don’t want Hethurin to get mad at me because I said he can’t have any. He had some at the faire, he had cake and then he also had funnel cake. I think he had a few wings, but it’s still not very much. He says he wants to put on some weight, even though I don’t think he needs to. He says “everyone” says so, but I don’t. Anyway, eating cake is just sugar, it won’t help him get bigger. I said he needed to eat meat and stuff, but he says he only eats fish and fowl. So then I promised him not to tell Tik that I let him eat cake at the faire. I figured it was a special occasion. We got our fortunes at the gnoll again, I know they’re not real but they’re kind of fun to get anyway. Well, he really messed up that time because he gave us the exact same fortune! I thought that was pretty funny, but maybe it also meant something, you know? I don’t know if Hethurin thought that though. We looked at the animals and then we sat on the docks again. While we waited for the fireworks, we talked about a lot of things. He said he thought I liked girls, which I guess is good because that means that other people probably think so, but I do wonder how he decided that. I guess it doesn’t matter now. His mother made him get married, but they ended up getting it annulled. I worry about that happening, I don’t think our family is important enough but you never know. I mean girls are okay, they’re nice to talk to and a lot of them are pretty, but as I told Hethurin it’s like a flower being pretty. You don’t want to kiss a flower, he said. So  I know he gets what I mean. In the end I just took one of the little cards that Tik uses and I wrote “good morning” on it. I couldn’t think of anything better. But I’ll try to.


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