[Story] The Siege – Sath’alor’s Reflections

I wanted to return as a hero, not lying bandaged in bed at my parents’ house. They still paid me though, which I took to mean that my time at the siege was finished. It wasn’t my fault, that is, I don’t see how I could have avoided it — other than not being there at all. Two huge towers guard either side of the entrance to Orgrimmar, and the air is patrolled by windriders — and one very large proto-drake. I was sent with a unit of archers to take one of the towers, and then we would bring down the aerial units from the cover of the tower. It was a good plan, and it did work, but the proto-drake wasn’t too happy about being shot down. It might look more like a frog or something, but it’s still a dragon, with claws and fangs and a very strong tail. At least I wasn’t thrown off the tower, that would have killed me for sure.

They told me to find the healers, and pointed me toward the tents. There wasn’t time for anyone to take me, and because I could still walk they figured I could manage on my own. It seemed like forever, I tried to take inventory of what was wrong with me as I walked. Limped, more like. My side was the worst of it, where the dragon’s tail had struck me and knocked me to the ground. But there was also a cut on my head, I hadn’t noticed it when it happened but now it stung horribly, and the blood was running into my eyes and getting all over my shirt. I didn’t know how it looked, but I figured it was probably bad. I was sore all over, but I thought that was the worst of it. Clementine ran ahead and poked her head into one of the tents. It took them a while to come out, I guess most healers aren’t used to seeing tigers in their tents.

It was a man and a woman, well the woman was the healer, I thought the man was her apprentice at first because he was fetching the supplies and stuff. But he said he was her “friend”. I probably interrupted something, but again, not really my fault. I’m just glad she didn’t call me stupid for getting hurt. She washed it out (that hurt) and put on something so it wouldn’t get infected (that hurt too, and it was cold) and then stitched up the cut on my head (also hurt). She made me take off my armor so she could get a better look at my side, she said a couple of the ribs were broken. Four to six weeks, what am I supposed to do for all that time? She said I should go home. Well, I can’t exactly do that if I don’t have a home. The closest thing would be my parents’ house, and it’s not really where I want to be. Mother will fuss and then Isandri will find out and she’ll come and fuss too. I guess I do want to see her, I don’t think she’s had her baby yet but it must be close.

We talked a little bit, she wanted to know about Pandaria and she talked about her father a bit. She wanted to know if I was going to go back there. Am I? Part of me does, but I really don’t want to have a bunch of bears watching me again. I could go back to my plan of getting a house in the Ghostlands, I’m sure they still have some for sale. I definitely have enough money now, from what I had saved from before plus my pay from this. I should be able to shoot again after I heal, though she said it’s important to take deep breaths to keep my breathing good, even if it hurts. Maybe I’ll practice drawing my bow in a few weeks, too. That would be good practice. I’m sure they’d welcome me back, but I don’t want to answer all of the questions.

One good thing about being at home though, I can eat some decent food for once.


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