[Story] The Siege – Letter to Hethurin

Dear Hethurin,

I was not sure at first if I should send this or not — or whether you’ll even get it right away, as your last letter mentioned a trip to Shattrath. I know you’ve a lot on your mind already and I don’t want you to worry too much. But I’d want to know if something had happened to someone I know, and that’s why I decided to write after all. Tik came into our tent last night, he’d been spotted by some orcs and received a fairly serious injury to his head. It happened around a week ago, so it needed to be cleaned and disinfected — fortunately Lani was there to see to that. I can’t believe they waited so long to send him back to our tent, he could easily have died from infection in that time! They really should have healers out with all of the units, though I suppose there probably aren’t enough of them. Still, I think that’s inexcusable, and someone should really mention it to the regent lord. Lani washed him up and put on disinfecting salve, she also stitched up his injury.

This morning I was able to find a mage who was familiar with Tranquillien who could provide Tik with a portal home. If you’re home when he arrives, please see that his bandages are changed at least once a day (more often if needed, but it should not be bleeding much now), and the salve applied. If he shows any signs of fever, headache, or disorientation, he should report to your father in Silvermoon immediately for further care. I suggest that he does not do any strenuous work either, cooking is probably all right but no spider killing. If you aren’t home, it’s a good idea to at least come and check on him, though you probably won’t need to cut your trip short. He is overall doing well, but Lani felt it best that he return home to rest.

I don’t know how long it will be until the rest of us can go. In a way  Tik is very lucky in that regard, he’ll likely have a scar due to the delay in treatment, but things could have been much worse. It’s strange how fate determines who will escape with only a scratch, and whose life will end on a certain day. I can’t help but be reminded of the scourge attacks, I suppose Lani was too, as she brought them up. She remarked how fortunate she was not to have lost anyone close to her. I hope that will be the case again — and for me as well.

Are your students enjoying the trip? Did you have that talk with the hired person yet? I’m curious to know how it went. None of them have written to me, I suppose I didn’t really expect that they would. Hopefully they will be more willing to talk once they’ve actually met me in person. Lani is quite excited about her new house, though she agrees that she won’t be eating anything baked by a death knight. It seems such a shame to waste it, though. Perhaps you could try feeding it to an animal and observing if it becomes sick or not. I’m not sure how contagious death knights are.

~Confessor Morthorn


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