[Story] The Siege – Letters

To Aranae,

I’m so relieved to get a letter from you! I’ve been so worried, I mean I know we didn’t know each other long but I feel that we were friends. I was going to see if I could send you some soap but if there’s no water, that won’t help very much. Some incense might help though? It won’t get rid of the smell but it might at least cover it up a little. With us, the fur hides it — unless you get wet, of course. I’ve never seen Kalimdor, I thought it had a lot of forests and jungles? Maybe not the part you are in. Tell Cadellus that I said hello too, and Toruviel if you see him.

I wish I had better news from Pandaria to lift your mood, but I’m afraid it’s quite the opposite. I haven’t seen it myself, which I think is a good thing, but I’ve heard what happened. The orc — the one whom you’ve gone to fight — has violated the sanctity of the Vale, releasing the sha there. People say that it’s spread all over and all the ground is black. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it, I can’t imagine how I’d feel to actually see it. Everyone is trying to figure out if it can ever be repaired but… I just don’t see how it’s possible. Places that have been taken by the sha don’t just get better with time. Maybe after everything is over, people could try to help but I don’t know. It’s just such a big problem. It hasn’t spread out yet but everyone is scared that it might. In that case I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve also heard rumors of things happening to pandaren who went to Orgrimmar, people who haven’t come back. Have you seen any there?

I know Master Cheng will be happy to have you back, and I will too. Have you got to kick any trolls yet? Or, I guess you’re kicking orcs. Whichever!

Your friend,
Tsi Ku

My dearest Lali (and Naraleth),

I’m sorry for not writing more quickly, I know I’ve probably made you worry. I wanted to be certain that letters weren’t being read. I’m fairly sure they aren’t, though they do inspect packages that come in. I couldn’t do anything that might put you in danger. I want so badly to come home, even if it’s only for a few moments, but I’m never alone long enough to do so. During the day I’m with several other mages, we’re behind the scouts and archers but it’s still dangerous. There are proto-drakes and towers with archers that fire arrows down — the first day I did nothing but maintain my frost shield I think. I’m told that some progress is being made in our advance, but I’m not sure. I just hope we’ll find this orc quickly so I can come home. At night I’m in a tent with the other mages, I suppose I could wake up during the night to make a portal but I’m always so exhausted that I fall asleep as soon as I reach my cot. Sometimes before my boots are off.

I’m told that you are helping to watch Hethurin’s nephew sometimes, do they get into a lot of trouble together? I think it’s good for Naraleth to get to see other babies. I hope he’ll like Isandri’s baby when it arrives too. I hope it’s not too much, you know you can ask Kestrae for help if you need it.

There are some kaldorei here, I saw them riding toward the gates on their nightsabers. They looked to all be women though, so I don’t think your grandfather was with them. I do wonder if he’s here, though. I’m a little worried that he might say something he shouldn’t but I suppose for the time being, that we are at a truce. Unless no one’s told him that. I haven’t seen much of my brother, but I know it had to be him who told them where to send my letter. He had better hope that I don’t find him.

I can’t wait to see you and to hold Naraleth again.


Dear Hethurin,

I’m so glad to hear that Orledin is settling in well. I can’t wait to see how the new house looks when it’s finished. I would think that it’s safe to touch books that he’s had, though I probably wouldn’t eat the food. Maybe he could give the recipe to your new baker, and he could make them?

You must be quite busy with three new students. It’s exciting that your school is beginning to grow, no doubt more will come when they hear about how good the lessons are. How will you go about finding another instructor? You’ll want to ensure that you have similar philosophies about teaching and things like lesson plans and discipline. Maybe when everyone returns, there will be some mages looking for work.

We’ve had a few more visitors to the tent, I’ve heard that the units are pushing further into Orgrimmar. I’m relieved that we aren’t there in the front of things. Nothing too serious yet, but I still feel that I’m just in Lani’s way most of the time. I bring supplies and things like that while she actually cares for the injured people. Besides the usual cuts and arrows, we’ve had to treat a few burns — not sure how those happened. I know it will only get busier, so I’m trying to help take care of things that aren’t too bad. I tended bandages yesterday. No one has actually seen the orc yet, at least the people who’ve come into the tent. But he must be hiding there somewhere, so they’ll find him eventually.

That’s a very delicate situation you have there. On one hand, I would say that it’s probably not wise to look for that sort of relationship with someone at the school. Though he’s not a student, it could still look bad if it were to get out, and if it turns out that he isn’t interested or things don’t work out, it will be very awkward. On the other, I know that it’s not possible to simply stop the way that you feel, and not knowing for certain is terrible. I’m afraid the only way to know for certain is to ask, though I think you should try to build a friendship first. He may feel pressured to agree if he believes that’s what you want, as you said. It may be best to wait until Tik is back and he isn’t your employee any longer. I wish I had better advice in this area, I know that probably wasn’t very helpful.

I hope I can come home soon as well. It sounds strange, but I miss the gloomy rainy Tranquillien after this heat.

~Confessor Morthorn

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