[Story] Letter from Makota

Dear Lali,

The people in Thunder Bluff sent your letter ahead to me. There’s not really a proper town here, but there’s an outpost where people stop to get supplies. I was pretty surprised to see that I had a letter already when I arrived! So that’s why I took so long to write back, also I had to find someone who had a piece of paper that I could use. Ahali says I’m not allowed to say exactly where we are, which I think is silly because I know you aren’t going to do anything, but he says that other people could read it or something. That’s kind of scary, do you think someone really would? He says the warchief might, but I really think he probably has better things to do that read letters from me. Anyway, I can tell you that it’s near the edge of Ashenvale and there are a lot of feathers around.

Naraleth is such a good name! I like it because it has your elf’s name in it, but it also reminds of Narache, which is a good place. I really hope I can see him, I bet he’s so cute. Does he look more like you or like his father? Do you remember that time we were supposed to watch Jalani’s baby and he ended up getting blackberries all over his face and clothes? That happened in like two seconds! I bet Naraleth gets into trouble like that too. I hope that you can visit soon, but I think it’s dangerous right now. I’m kind of scared. I think Ahali is scared too, but he doesn’t want me to know. I figured out that the reason he wanted to come to Ashenvale is because I could go hide in the forest if I need to. Of course there’s a chance that the night elves might shoot me, but hopefully I can remember enough Darnassian words that they wouldn’t right away. The odd thing is that right now the Barrens are more dangerous.

It’s true that people are fighting in the Barrens, tauren are helping the leader of the trolls to fight against the orcs who support the new warchief. I don’t really know what it’s about but honestly I like the idea if it means that they’ll leave the night elves and other people alone. We shouldn’t fight. There’s enough trouble out there. I wish I could see your new home, Ahali said Outland is on a totally different planet. That’s so weird. What does it look like there? He’s never been there so he couldn’t tell me what it was like. Are there weird animals and plants? Are there any tauren?

I don’t know how long we’ll be here or how long all this will be going on. What if we never go back to our camp? I guess I don’t mind living in the forest again, but it’s different now. My mother is gone, and so are you. I hope I can see you again soon. It’s probably all right to write to me at the outpost here, but you should definitely write in Taurahe and remember they might read it.

Your friend,


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